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    Oct. 12th, Prof. Menghan Xu, "Search Friction in Crowdfunding Markets: Part II".
    Nov. 16th, Prof. Sen Geng, "Do We Make a Better Decision with More Information?".
    Nov. 23rd, Prof. Mouhua Liao, "A Market Game with Symmetric Limit Orders ".
    Nov. 30th, Jianxun Lyu (Graduate Student), "Evolutionary Dynamics of Cooperation in Threshold Public Goods Game with Money Back Guarantee and Alternative Rebate Rules".

    Dec. 7th, Prof. Andrew Pua, "Practical Implication of Using Linear Probability Models in Analyzing Experimental Data".

    Dec. 14th, Prof. Zhixin Dai, "Testing Fare Evasion in the Lab: The Moral Cost of Dishonesty".

    Dec. 21st, Prof. Yun Wang, "Budget-Balancing Public Goods Provision Mechanisms: Evidence from Large Group Experiments".