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Macroeconomics Brown-Bag Seminar Series 
Fall 2016

Date Time Location Speaker Title Language Note
Oct. 17th 12:30-13:30 N401 Yu Zhang Fine-tuning monetary policy and economic volatility English  
Oct. 24th 12:30-13:30 N401 Linlin Niu Local government debt risk and Treasury yields in China English  
Oct. 31st 12:10-13:30 N406 Mouhua Liao 中國土地市場價格歧視 Chinese Joint with applied micro BBS
Nov. 7th 12:30-13:30 N401 Shubo Bi 地方政府的基礎設施投資分析:基于土地出讓收入和信貸融資的世代交疊模型及實證檢驗 Chinese student
Nov. 14th 12:10-13:30 N303 Chao Ma Loan Limit Policy and Mortgage Interest Rate Discrimination English Joint with applied micro BBS
Nov. 21st 12:30-13:30 N401 Hao Jin Foreign Asset Accumulation Among Emerging Market Economies:A Case for Coordination English  
Dec.26 12:30-13:30 N401 Zhiwu Hong 無套利Nelson-Siegel利率期限結構模型的離散時間拓展與宏觀金融應用 Chinese Ph.D. Student